WeatherFlow Weather Meter for Agriculture
MSRP US $84.95
Weather Meter for Agriculture

Measure weather in the middle of your field.

Use the WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter and your smartphone to capture accurate location-specific weather conditions and report the data instantly to farm managers. Make sure weather conditions comply with regulations before spraying.

Weather Meter for Agriculture

Wind & Weather Meter for Agriculture

Protect yourself from spray drift claims.

Capture a complete set of weather conditions every time you spray. Easily log, store, and share the data including geo-location, timestamp, and 14+ weather variables to protect yourself from spray drift claims. Features include:

* SDK available for 3rd party app integration *

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Compatible Devices

WEATHERmeter uses Bluetooth Smart technology (also known as Bluetooth LE) to connect to all Apple iPhones 4S or newer & iPads Generation 3 or newer operating on iOS 6.0 or newer. They also work with Bluetooth Smart Ready Android phones & tablets with operating system 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or newer. Click here for a complete up to date list of phones and tablets that are Bluetooth Smart Ready.

  1. Available Data:
  2. Wind Speed (Average)
  3. Wind Speed (Lull)
  4. Wind Speed (Gust)
  5. Wind Direction
  6. Temperature (Dry Bulb Temperature)
  7. Wet Bulb Temperature
  8. Delta-T
  9. Atmospheric Pressure
  10. Humidity
  11. Dew Point
  12. Wind Chill
  13. Heat Index
  14. Feels Like
  15. Air Density
Technical Specs
Measurement range accuracy notes
wind speed .5 to 125 mph ± 0.5% calibrated by University of Florida Aerospace Engineering
wind direction 0-360° ± 0.5° magnetic North
humidity 0-95% ± 3% up to 85%
atmospheric pressure 8.9 to 32.5 inHg ± 0.0004 inHg
temperature -40 to 255 °F ± 0.7 °F
Bluetooth range up to 100 ft
Battery CR 2450

About WeatherFlow

WeatherFlow is a team of meteorologists, engineers, programmers, and data scientists. We design, install, own, and operate one of the largest private networks of weather stations in the world. We provide actionable weather data to help everyone from government & commercial organizations to windsport & backyard enthusiasts.

We also make a series of Smart Weather Devices. Our handheld weather meters and associated smartphone apps are highly accurate and provide a wide range of utility at an affordable price. The data from our devices is sharable and adaptive, making it available for 3rd party use, and allowing users to repurpose and personalize it to their interests. Using these devices, you can have access to better, more precise, actionable information about Your Weather - the conditions in your own backyard that directly affects your life, rather than the general weather in their area provided by news services and apps. Better data leads to better decisions that save time & money, increase safety, and improve health.