Jessica Renz

Originally hailing from the U.K., Jessica Renz joined the forecast team in April 2023. Prior to joining WeatherFlow-Tempest, Jessica had a 9-year career with the Met Office in the U.K., specializing in aviation forecasting and working her way up to Senior Operational Meteorologist and Team Leader. She left the Met Office as Operational Manager, juggling a team of over 150 meteorologists!

Before joining the Met Office, Jessica completed a BSc in Oceanography at Southampton University and the National Oceanographic Centre (NOC), followed by a MSc in Climate Change Science at Bristol University. Realizing her passion between ocean-atmospheric interactions and large-scale physical process, she took a chance at Meteorology with the UK’s leading forecasters.

Although Jessica has only learnt the basics of dingy sailing and windsurfing in the Greek and Turkish seas, (the channel never seemed quite so appealing at the time), time passed and instead she learned that all sea water is perfection and went on to become an avid sea swimmer of South West UK, Devon. Seas or lakes, Jessica will take a look at forecasts, sea state, water levels, currents and tides and challenge the question, how bad is too bad for a wild water dip? And if it’s too bad, where else should she venture?

Now based in Atlanta, Jessica is becoming familiar with nearby lakes and waterfalls to fill her wild swimming needs but is waiting for one day be reunited and move closer to the ocean. She lives with her American husband and two crazy boys, aged 5 and 2, with a Renz girl expected in summer of 2023. She’s looking forward to getting back into work and will be ready to help WeatherFlow-Tempest expand its horizons to Europe.

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