Line-a-Day Weather Observation Journal

Child observing weather through binoculars on clear day.
Whether or not we read, listen to, or watch a forecast, the weather is something we experience and observe around us each and every day. A great way to introduce early ages to weather science is simply by noticing and recording what’s happening outside. By using the Line-a-Day weather observation journal, you’ll have a comprehensive look back at the weather you experienced for the full year!

Daily Weather Observation



  1. Download and print the Line-a-Day journal and bind using a staple or a paperclip
  2. Fill out your  journal with weather metrics and observations about what you see and feel
  3. At the end of the year, look back and compare your observations both day to day and month to month


By reflecting on your personal weather data over an extended period of time, you can make comparisons and observations about what you experience throughout the year versus what was forecasted for your area. What kinds of words did you use to describe the weather? Which ones did you use most often? 

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