StormPrint™ provides an immediate, accurate wind footprint for any significant coastal storm, and is the only such portrayal verified by extensive accurate ground truth observations.

Key Features

  • Storm peak and time series data
  • Sustained wind and gust values
  • Includes raw, standardized, and modeled values
  • Tailored reports and alerts
  • Full-featured web-based viewer


The StormPrint Solution

StormPrint is a state-of-the-art geospatial analysis that provides an extremely accurate representation of wind speeds experienced during land-falling hurricanes and other strong coastal storms.

Driven by an unparalleled set of the highest quality observational data and associated metadata.  StormPrint supports the insurance and CAT modeling industries with reliable, representative, and timely wind data so that critical decisions can be made rapidly based on the best possible information.

Unlike other product offerings or government reports, StormPrint provides the most valuable observations and assessments in real- or near real-time, when they are of most value to decision makers.

The cornerstone of StormPrint is WeatherFlow’s proprietary observing network of 400 professional quality coastal stations, including 100 hurricane-hardened stations. These are combined with National Weather Service/NOAA stations and a carefully vetted selection of other partner networks to provide an unmatched aggregated wind dataset.

The StormPrint suite of products includes storm peak and time series of sustained wind and gust data (with raw, standardized, and modeled values), tailored reports and alerts, and full-featured web-based viewing capabilities.

StormPrint Benefits

  • Determine hurricane deductibles
  • Accurately model projected losses
  • Determine accuracy of claims
  • Monitor storms in real-time
  • Alert on critical thresholds
  • Deploy claim settlement resources
  • Settle capital market transactions


Design Principles

  • Created specifically to meet the needs of the insurance and catastrophic response industries
  • Focused on the most robust, highest value sustained wind and gust observations
  • Applies rigorous metadata and quality assurance standards
  • Standardizes dissimilar observations to a prescribed common measurement standard



StormTrack is a graphical user interface based on DataScope , WeatherFlow’s professional data viewer, which is used to monitor active storm events in real-time.   For each named storm event, a special version of DataScope is created and made public for the duration of the event.  Forecast storm tracks, real-time observations, regional forecast models, and other storm specific datasets are available in real time on these StormTrack pages.

Where StormPrint is a post-storm product created only for those events that end up having a significant impact on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, StormTrack is created real-time for every storm event the threatens either coast.  Both products can be found at

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