4 New High Resolution Stations Installed for America’s Cup

WeatherFlow’s network in the San Francisco Bay has long been one of the most densely instrumented portions of the WeatherFlow Coastal mesonet.  Building on a wealth of local meteorological expertise, we recently installed four of six new stations designed to support the upcoming the America’s Cup Championship Series. High resolution wind and weather information are now being collected and transmitted at intervals of 1 minute, or less intervals, from six (four new and two upgraded) sites.  Data collected from these sites will keep both America’s Cup competitors and race officials informed in this area of highly varying wind patterns.
America’s Cup officials are funding the network and will continue to do so until the event concludes in September 2013. Meanwhile, WeatherFlow is disseminating this data to other users including the United States Coast Guard, the National Weather Service, and multiple Department of Defense organizations.

High resolution reporting.

The new sites include Point Diablo, Blunt Point, Alcatraz Island, and Aquatic Park Entrance. Two existing sites at Anita Rock and Treasure Island have been upgraded with better communications and improved meteorological instrumentation.

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