WeatherFlow Installs Custom Mesonet for Boston Police Department

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Download Flier The above is a common scenario where existing government sensors simply are too coarse both physically and temperally to accurately represent the complex winds found in most urban areas. By using an intelligently installed custom mesonet the projected plumes are often significantly different.

Below are wind flow animations from 3 additional days that show how predicted plumes would be different using the WeatherFlow network vs. without. In every instance the plumes are different but sometimes to lesser degrees depending on the weather situation.

Oct 12th 2006 4:00am EDT
Without WeatherFlow Data With WeatherFlow Data

Oct 4th 2006 2:00pm EDT
Without WeatherFlow Data With WeatherFlow Data

Oct 8th 2006 3:00pm EDT
Without WeatherFlow Data With WeatherFlow Data

Key Features:

Meteorological Assessment
Case Studies and learned knowledge to identify “key” locations to accurately capture ambient flow within the urban scale.
Optimal Sensor Locations
Targeted and secured structures with the best available readings to accurately represent conditions.
Professional Installation
Research grade weather stations are designed, built, and installed to reduce costs and yield maximum reliability.
Network Integrity
Full support and maintenance for maximum reliability and up time.
Custom Data Applications
Data can be imported into existing defense software or received via custom user interfaces provided by the WeatherFlow IT group.
Low Cost
Accurate, reliable, and relevant data, not ownership of fragile and complex weather equipment. Maximum reliability at lowest coast.

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