From its earliest days, WeatherFlow’s consumer applications have pushed the boundaries of Meteorology and data visualization and delivery to satisfy enthusiasts of weather-critical activities.

At the foundation of these products is our premium weather station network where every station is professionally sited and maintained to maximize its accuracy for the target area.   Over the years, we have added additional competencies such as our own Meteorological staff that provides daily briefings and our own customized WF-WRF forecast model featuring high-resolution computer forecasts down to 1km.

windmetersmallWe have applied our years of experience building weather stations and processing data to a line of smart phone meters. The first one is called the WeatherFlow Wind Meter and it’s both the most accurate and lowest-cost handheld anemometer on the market. It’s also the most open piece of weather hardware on the market, offering an SDK that allows third-party developers to build applications we haven’t thought of yet! Read more details in this article, purchase one or learn how to a dealer or a developer on this page.

From dial in recorded “voice reports” and pagers, to today’s web, social, and smart phone technologies, our consumer services are available across multiple media. All consumer applications are completely Free to use, offering premium memberships for access to exclusive WeatherFlow content and features.

The upgrades to our consumer services are made possible by WeatherFlow’s powerful “Weather Engine” API.  We know that many users have become accustomed to the look, feel, and functions of the classic websites so we will make every effort to maintain access to those products.  We encourage your feedback and ideas to help our applications be the most useful for whatever activity you pursue.


WindAlert was the first application to be driven entirely by WeatherFlow’s Weather Engine. It is Freely available via the web, iPhone/iPad, and Android. The original test-bed for the WeatherFlow weather engine, WindAlert continues to enjoy ongoing improvements and today serves as both an alternative to, and a companion product for, our niche-focused consumer applications. The general-purpose features originally developed and tested through WindAlert quickly make their way to SailFlow, iKitesurf, iWindsurf, and FishWeather.


SailFlow has been upgraded to be driven by the WeatherFlow Weather Engine. More information about what’s new in SailFlow.    SailFlow mobile apps are now Freely available for iPhone/iPad, and Android under the name SailFlow.


It has been many years, and we know ­ that image on our current home page is so old-­school it’s new­-school. The new iKitesurf is a shining example of simplicity, with a blend of incredibly sophisticated weather technology. A host of new community features have been added, with updated versions of wind & weather, gear classifieds, forums, videos, industry news and more. Users can now take the new iKitesurf with them anywhere, always know what the wind is doing, and stay connected to the latest happenings. iKitesurf for mobile application is freely available for iOS and Android.


Our original consumer application, which is now a mainstay for all North American windsurfers and an increasingly popular weather data source for windsurfers worldwide, received a major upgrade in September 2013 to include our latest, most powerful weather tools and codebase. We will also continue offering our Classic iWindsurf weather tools that everyone knows so well, as well as our ever-popular windsurfing community features. iWindsurf mobile apps are now Freely available for iPhone/iPad, and Android under the name iWindsurf.


FishWeather has been upgraded to be driven by the WeatherFlow Weather Engine. More information about what’s new in FishWeather.   Fishweather mobile apps are now Freely available for iPhone/iPad, and Android under the name FishWeather.

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