Choosing the Best Garden Weather Station

We’ve all been there. You checked the forecast from the local weather station, which is about 30 miles away. The three-day outlook shows temperatures well above freezing, so you prepared the soil in your garden before planting your first seedlings of the year. But that very night the temperature at your home drops below freezing and kills almost all of your newly transplanted sprouts. Despite your best efforts, the weather has put your hard work to waste.

While it might seem like a painful rite of passage every new gardener must experience, it doesn’t have to be. Our personal weather system was designed to help you achieve a happier, healthier garden with less work and no surprises.

Garden Weather Station

Gardeners know well that surrounding topography such as hills, forests, and bodies of water impact temperature, humidity, and solar radiation. In many regions, a relatively short distance of 30 miles can mean a dramatic difference in temperature, winds, humidity, and more. While general forecasting apps and gardening resources are incredibly helpful for green thumbs, the Tempest takes the labor and guesswork out of determining how your local microclimate differs from the local averages.

Even more, our Tempest Weather System can be paired with other smart home and garden devices, enabling you to maximize productivity and minimize energy and water costs. Taking control of this futuristic technology and implementing it into your day-to-day life can transform the way you plan your day. Integrate your weather data with a smart sprinkler controller and never worry about watering your garden again!

As a leader in the private weather sector, we have access to a wealth of data surrounding atmospheric trends, anomalies, and overall weather conditions worldwide, from the area surrounding a single Tempest to your neighborhood, city, region, state, and beyond. With future generations in mind, we share this data with government and climate research agencies that are able to study the information and prepare for what our environment and climate will be going forward.

Make your garden the envy of the neighborhood while saving time, water, and money with a home weather station that provides real-time weather data, freeze, lightning, and rain alerts, smart sprinkler automation, and more.

How Tempest Works

The Tempest is a true all-in-one sensor device, with the sensors all housed within a relatively small piece of hardware. Why is that important? Because small moving parts tend to break, clog, or wear out quickly, especially when placed outdoors. In addition, the Tempest has an extremely long-range (1,000 feet from the hub). Conditions monitored include:

All of this information is readily available to you at the tip of your finger with our feature-packed app. From the initial set-up of your Tempest system to the first weather update on your app, the process is expected to take just 5 minutes.

"Track any and all weather systems and changes with this tool from WeatherFlow. It reports temperature, solar radiation, UV, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point, lightning strikes, rainfall and more. Basically, with this tool, you can become your own at-home weatherperson." - Popular Mechanics, Best Gifts for Gardeners

More Than Hardware: NearCast Technology

What makes your Tempest forecast so accurate? It starts with your weather data. In addition to your Tempest observations, we ingest a massive amount of data from satellites, radars, government surface networks, etc. Initialized with our curated data sets, we also run our own high-resolution numerical weather forecast models. We train our AI-based output models to produce accurate point-specific forecasts informed by the observations. The result is a forecast tailored to your exact location.

Most weather stations on the market send observational data to a display or app. The problem is that there's no quality control process. And apps or displays that feature a forecast aren't using your data in any meaningful way to customize your forecast. It's essentially the same generic forecast as the one that came on your phone. That’s where the Tempest really shines.

tempest weather station in hawaii

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the Tempest Weather System?

The Tempest Weather System is extremely accurate. The use of nationally acclaimed weather services, high-tech AI models, and professional meteorologists culminates into a trustworthy system that can keep your business life running smoothly, your daily life productive and safe, and your day untouched by the unpredictable weather patterns. Some questions have arisen about how the Tempest gauges rainfall without having a physical gauge. Well, it is haptics-driven, and it is ultra-sensitive and accurate.

A professional, in-home review was conducted on the Tempest, and it was concluded that the system is between 90-100% accurate for your exact location. Obviously a wise investment, it is time for you to bring a new generation of technology and reliability into your home.

Where should I place my outdoor sensor device?

The placement of your WeatherFlow Tempest system is crucial to the accuracy of the data and forecasts. The device should be placed in a location where it can get direct sunlight; this will allow the internal battery to charge from solar power. Wherever the device is installed should be a good distance from the ground, walls, houses, etc., and it should be attached to a sturdy mount to avoid vibrations (i.e. not a flagpole, as the vibrations from the flag flapping in the wind can cause inaccuracies).

The Tempest can detect small differences in the microclimates of your backyard. Following these basic guidelines will provide you with the best weather observations and forecasts for your location:

Will my data be similar to nearby weather stations?

While you may believe that your personal weather information would be nearly identical to that provided by a nearby weather station, you may also be surprised to learn that it can actually differ quite a bit. Your exact location experiences its own, unique weather conditions, and knowing this precise information can aid you in all sorts of ways. Anything from gardening to hosting family gatherings benefit from knowing your location’s individualized forecasts.

With that being said, your information will likely be noticeably different from stations around you-and that’s a good thing! When it comes to combating the humidity in your area, knowing exactly how much rainfall you should expect for your garden, trying to gauge your HVAC settings to minimize costs and maximize output, and everything else under the sun (literally), knowing the precise measurements of your external environment can save you time and money.

The weather forecasts televised by your news station are generalized for a broad location. A large area to cover means inaccurate predictions for your daily forecast. With the Tempest, you get precise, quality-controlled weather data and AI-powered forecasts for every point of your day. Your Tempest will give results based on where it is located. For example, if you are an avid gardener looking for more than an analog weather station garden, then installing a Tempest with its innovative technology would be ideal for knowing the exact conditions surrounding your garden.

There are countless aspects in your daily routine that rely on the weather forecast, but don’t let the generalized news station predictions determine your day. Know for yourself what you should expect from Mother Nature!

Garden Smarter

We know the hassle it can be to do everything right but still be left with withering vines and browning leaves. There are many different possibilities that could account for your unsuccessful garden, but one of the most critical aspects of gardening is the weather conditions with which you are working around.

Growing any type of crop requires knowledge about it specifically and about the environmental factors that will optimize its yields. Gardening can be a time-consuming, precise project in and of itself, and the plants that you are working with may tend to be finicky. Knowing this will help you be most successful in the growth process, but the next obstacle is to understand your environment and evaluate whether or not it is best suited to your garden’s success.

Our Tempest system is designed to predict your location’s exact weather conditions (humidity, temperature, rainfall, etc.), allowing you to be on top of your gardening and combat issues related to weather conditions before they arise and before it is too late. With the addition of a WeatherFlowTempest personal weather station, your gardening skills can flourish without the guessing game of unpredictable weather.

Smart Homes Inside & Out

With the advancement of technology and an increased appearance of innovative appliances in homes, smart technology has revolutionized home management. Homeowners understand how helpful these connected gadgets, machines, and systems can be. Saving money on electric and water bills, increasing productivity, and improving general comfort and safety are all perks of smart home tech. Similar technology is now popping up outside.

With accurate and continuous monitoring of environmental conditions, you can maximize the effects of your HVAC system by adjusting it to complement the outdoor conditions. Furthermore, you can pair your Tempest with indoor devices, such as Alexa or Google Home. Integrations are also available for devices such as smart sprinkler controllers, outdoor lights, shutters, and thermostats, making it possible to fine-tune the indoors based on our weather stations for home.

Revolutionizing the way that people interact with the outdoors and improving their relationship with nature is our specialty. We at WeatherFlow-Tempest are invested in improving your productivity both in your business life and personal life, enriching time spent with family and friends outside, and optimizing your green thumb by installing a weather station garden-enriching Tempest system. Ultimately, we want to mitigate the drastic costs associated with unpredictable weather events.

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