First SODAR Fielded

November 10, 2010. Bolton, Massachusetts.
WeatherFlow SODARIn conjunction with its Wind Energy Mesonet initiative, WeatherFlow recently took delivery of its first operational SODAR unit.  Manufactured by industry leader Second Wind, the Triton unit is one of the most frequently used profilers in the wind energy industry and will continuously sample the wind characteristics of the lower atmosphere up to 200m.  Designed for remote operations in rugged environments, the Triton is a self-contained system, powered by attached solar panels and transmitting data via satellite communications links.WeatherFlow’s first unit is undergoing field tests in Massachusetts, allowing WeatherFlow engineers and scientists to get familiar with the unit’s operation and data streams.  After this familiarization period, this unit will be deployed to Texas as part of the first phase of the Wind Energy Mesonet, in which SODAR data will be combined with anemometer data from tall towers to provide the industry’s best real time wind hub-height wind monitoring solution.

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