WeatherFlow’s Coverage of Hurricane Iselle and Julio.

Hurricane Iselle passed directly over the Big Island and weakened to a tropical depression that affect the rest of the island chain.  Hurricane Julio briefly strengthened to a category 3 hurricane before weakening and turning to the north-west with tropical storm force winds staying north of the islands.  The maximum wind report from Julio was 31 mph, well below tropical storm force.

Iselle: Top 10 Highest Average Wind Speeds

Stn Name Max Avg (mph) Organization
Lanai 50.6 FAA
Puopelu 48.3 FAA
West Maui Airport 47.2 FAA
Hakioawa 43.0 USFS
Apua 43.0 USFS
Kihei 39.6 WeatherFlow
Hilo Airport 39.1 NWS
Luamakika 39.1 NWS
Holei Sea Arch 37.0 USFS
Kona Airport 36.9 NWS

Iselle: Top 10 Highest Gusts

Stn Name Max Gust (mph) Organization
Waikane 72.0 USFS
Hakioawa 68.0 USFS
Pu’ukahua 67.0 USFS
Apua 66.0 USFS
Holei Sea Arch 64.0 USFS
Lanai 62.1 FAA
Kaneloa 62.0 USFS
Luamakika 59.8 NWS
Kihei 59.2 WeatherFlow
Molokai Forest 57.0 USFS

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