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We have a patented layered solution that helps control the impact of weather.   We create benefits and reduce costs for our customers.  Both severe events and ordinary weather have an incalculably large impact on business and daily life.  Our solution is based on our AI-powered Nearcast Technology, which is fueled by our massive data set, including data from our flagship Tempest System.  It allows us to provide weather information guaranteed to be more accurate.  We deliver real-time data and forecasts that reduce the costs from weather. As the climate changes the impact of weather, and therefore the benefit of our service, is only growing larger. 

Reasons to Invest

A weather technology company built on better data

We provide customers with weather information – what is happening now, what happened yesterday, and a forecast fine-tuned for what’s going to happen today and tomorrow, all with guaranteed accuracy.  The effect of weather is so vast and our better information is so impactful that we guarantee a measurable positive effect for our customers.  All customers benefit from our proprietary observational data.  All consumers and business customers gain a powerful measurable impact and therefore clear value for their investment. 

The key is our patented Nearcast Technology, a layered solution built on a massive amount of data. This includes a layer of data from our flagship Tempest Weather System and other proprietary sources.  We apply quality control and assimilate this curated data into our proprietary AI-based computer modeling, which then powers our apps and software decision tools.   The result is three powerful streams of revenue.  

Weather has a large and costly impact that is growing larger.

Each year severe weather kills 60,000 people and the cost to the global economy is more than $1 trillion. And severe events are a small part of the impact. The weather has a vast effect on practically everything, from growing the world’s food supply to managing the power grid; to personal costs like cooling and heating your home, or managing your garden. Regardless of the cause, there is wide agreement and concern that the weather is changing, with risks and costs growing larger.

We can’t eliminate the cost of weather but both businesses and individuals can better plan for its impact and capture hundreds of $ billions in savings and benefits. And we can save more lives and make better decisions for the planet’s future. Decisions must be supported by better weather information to fully tap the potential benefits and savings.

Our Nearcast Technology is a unique and powerful approach for creating better weather information.

Nearcast Technology starts with gathering all available beneficial data, from readily available government sources, obscure observational stations and key partner networks. We have multiple sources of exclusively licensed data. Our data collection is also greatly enhanced by our flagship Tempest network, which is growing at a rapid pace. The Tempest is a contemporary, accurate, easy-to-set-up weather station system that requires negligible maintenance.

We use the resulting massive curated data set to fuel our AI-powered Nearcast Technology. Powerful capabilities in data science and weather modeling, enable us to use our crowdsourced weather data to offer a forecast guaranteed to be the best available. Our point-specific forecasts become part of the Tempest System, displayed in the user-friendly Tempest app, and they help power all our other consumer subscription apps. We also produce regional forecasts that are a valuable part of all consumer applications.

The same Nearcast Technology also powers our professional service platform that includes SaaS tools for business customers and an easy-to-use API. Business customers also purchase Tempest systems to enhance the data services we provide them – and everyone.

The expansion of our Tempest Network, and growth in the number of our consumer and business customers, work together synergistically in a virtuous cycle that benefits everyone. The result is customers who are more than clients; they are weather evangelists who support our mission and spread the word on our value to anyone who will listen.

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Allstate. America’s Cup. US sailing. Air Asia. NASCAR. Makani Power. Google. SpaceX. Who else? Should we highlight any specific contracts?

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A $7 billion market starved for innovation

The current market for private sector weather and climate information products is greater than $7Bn and growing, and the total “market” for this information is much larger as services provided by government agencies costing several billion dollars represent much more in added value.

Weather has a vast effect on practically everything: Sectors like agriculture, energy, and insurance are just a few of the specific broader markets impacted and an illustration of the massive potential effect. It’s easy to see that better weather information can create hundreds of billions in cost saving. Beyond core data and basic services, government agencies are increasingly focused on their most important mission of preserving lives and property. Businesses and individuals seeking weather information suited for their needs are turning to the private sector, fueling not only growth in the market but a requirement for new and better information.

The market is growing and the long-term potential is enormous. Weather has a broad effect on huge sectors of the global economy like Agriculture ($10 Trillion), Energy ($600 Bn), Property Insurance ($500 Bn),  Commercial Real Estate ($35 Trillion), and more. 

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A strong company with powerful proven solutions

Delivering better information about the weather through useful apps and software, ensuring a positive ROI for our customers.

Powerful Tools We help our customers plan for the enormous impact weather has on their lives and business.  We utilize unique technology to provide weather information, both real-time data and forecasts.  We provide data in powerful smartphone applications, in SaaS tools and viaan API.  In all cases we are providing not just data but decision tools so our customers can best leverage our information, and achieve a clear measurable return on their investment in our service.

Focused on our Advantage We cater to consumers, business customers and government partners.  Nonetheless our offerings and strategy are focused and synergistic.  All customers:

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Unique solutions and defensible advantages resulting in multiple, complementary streams of revenue.

We provide customers with weather information – both info on what is happening now and a forecast fine tuned for today and tomorrow, all with guaranteed accuracy.  All customers benefit from our proprietary observational data and patented Nearcast Technology. The effect of weather is so vast and information so impactful that we guarantee a measurable positive effect for our customers.  All of which ensures we will build a valuable company.

We deliver information through powerful apps and software tools, including via API.  While our product suite is blended, our revenue comes from three main categories:

Our three revenue streams are highly complementary.  Cash upfront revenue reduces our need for growth capital while recurring revenue ramps up.  Tempest System sales increase the data available to improve our products for all customers.   Our consumer apps rely on the same base data and technology that powers our SaaS tools.  The needs of our business customers have an increasing effect on the total demand for more weather station installations.  We are at the beginning of a powerful virtuous cycle,  fueling growth 


  1. We are taking a share of the existing market for weather station hardware, where there is already a large niche group of buyers we affectionately call weather geeks (including us!).   We are educating this group that Tempest is the best hardware solution available.  AND we are educating them that Tempest is a complete weather service backed by data science that delivers a guaranteed better forecast. The Tempest System is to other weather station hardware as the modern automobile is to the horse & buggy. Metaphorically, we are explaining that (1) we have  the best horse & buggy around AND (2) it’s a car, a cool new thing. 

[ideally a series of case studies in a video?]

[case study of a gardener who used to fear killing her plants; in addition to quotes/discussion on our plants, maybe there is another quote something like “Now I get it.  My husband bought an MP3 player twenty years ago and I thought it was ridiculous.   He bought some clunky weather thingy ten years ago and I thought the same thing.   Now Tempest is to my gardening what Spotify is to my music.  I keep my plants in great shape while listening to music – all with one iPhone! ]

  1. Because we have created a whole new product category with Tempest, we are also educating prospective customers on the complete value.  The existing market weather geeks and our new expanding market  includes gardners, smart home mavens, those focused on energy saving at their home and in a region. 

[case study with fisherman?]

  1. Most consumers rely on free products to provide them with weather information, and we have a large and growing number of free users of our apps.  Our strength is in also delivering powerful subscription based apps that create a clear and obvious benefit to users, for instance catch more fish, or win more sailing races, or not crash their drone.  Subscribers are typically making meaningful investments in their passion and we are a small part of that investment.   Our company, and others, have proven that consumers paying for weather oriented tools can be a fast growing portion of the more than 1.5 billion people globally who use true Smart Phones/Tablets (Apple or equivalent functionality) . 


[case study or two with business customers] 


  1. Ultimately business customers know instinctively the large impact weather has on their operations and they need help in controlling that impact in multiple ways.  They need better information but they also need the right tools to translate that data into better decisions.  It’s important to show that paying for our service product creates a strong return on investment.  Our time is now.  Not only is weather having an increasingly large impact on businesses but businesses are increasingly finetuned with help from all kinds of powerful data.  Not only are our tools growing more helpful in making decisions about the weather – increasingly many of the tools deployed can take advantage of better weather information.

World-class experts in both the weather industry and other markets.

CEO Buck Lyons
CTO David St. John
Chief Scientist Marty Bell
Chief Strategy Officer [And/Or Other Title] Micheal Eilts
Jane Doe [Head of Product/CMO]
Phil Atkinson – Design Guro [President of WT affiliate WFn Holdings]

Hardware Roadmap

Remote kit

Power booster?

AQ in?

AQ out


Manual Rain (and highlight CoCoRaHS connection)

Rain (tipper)?

Rain (optical)?

Rain (haptic?)


“Light Commercial” products?

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Software Roadmap



t°road warrior

tempestWx (or merge with DataScope?)

DataScope expansion (renamed to “t°pro” ???)

Thoughts on our Mission

To our new investors,

We are at a very exciting inflection point with our company.  We have spent several years and invested several million dollars to get to our current position.   We have proven the benefit of our technology and the demand for our services.  Now it’s time to invest in continued rapid growth. 

We have completed the part of our plan with the most uncertainty but our journey to build a very large and impactful company is just beginning.  We think the opportunity to create value for customers and our investors is enormous, and we are well positioned to take advantage.  We also think we can have a large positive impact on the global community, contributing data to many public agencies and research organizations to ensure we are doing our part to save lives and the planet.

We know it is time to bring in more investment capital, and we initially assumed we would use more traditional sources.  In Start Engine, we discovered a great way to partner with our customers and other individuals who appreciate and understand our mission.  We have always believed we were on a shared journey with our customers, and we have fielded many requests about investing.   Start Engine offers an excellent platform to allow this to happen.  We think like minded individuals can best understand all our goals.  

Our goals are broad and reflect our desire to have a positive impact on the global community.  Nonetheless, first and foremost we need to deliver value to our customers.   The individuals and businesses paying for our services do so because they are receiving a clear return on their investment.  This isn’t easy, but the opportunity is clearly huge, which is a critical foundation.  We also have unique and defensible proprietary advantages in creating better valuable weather information, and we have the proven ability to create the apps and software, the decision tools, to bring that data to life.  

In addition to serving our customers well, we will be building a large and profitable company with an optimal amount of investment.  Our products work together synergistically, as data from our Tempest systems helps fuel better information for all our customers.  The investment in our modeling technology is leveraged by both consumers and business customers in the areas we serve.   Our suite of products yields both cash upfront and annual recurring revenue, helping us build a large company efficiently.   Providing a substantial return on investment for our investors (which includes all of us as founders!) is an important and unabashed goal.

It is also very important to me and my teammates at WeatherFlow-Tempest that we make a difference – that we create net positive value for the broader community we share.  None of us are strict “follow the money” types; we are “follow your passion” people.  We have shown over our careers that is the best way for us to make money.  In this case, we are proud and pleased to provide government agencies with the data to help them in their core mission of saving lives and property.  We know this will be increasingly helpful over time.  We are contributing to saving energy by homeowners, and regional utilities, and hopefully we can contribute to better decisions about energy choices across the globe.  We are adding to the climate record and making sure that information is freely available to scientists.  

We intend to create tremendous value for our customers and all of our investors.  And we will continue to do our part for the planet.  Please join us!

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