WeatherFlow Launches New Weather Technology Platform: Tempest

(San Francisco) Global weather technology leader WeatherFlow has acquired TEMPEST, a groundbreaking social and digital weather content brand founded by renowned journalist and media entrepreneur Ann Marie Gardner. The acquisition adds a branded media platform to WeatherFlow’s existing suite of weather technology products and will allow WeatherFlow to expand the Tempest brand and concepts to a family of consumer services.

WeatherFlow will launch their new personal weather system in the Spring of 2020. The Tempest Weather System is powered by a futuristic home weather station that leverages WeatherFlow’s data science and forecast modeling to provide real-time observations and precise weather forecasts to the app. Soon after the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign in December, Tempest will be available on WeatherFlow’s website.

Tempest will continue to provide groundbreaking media content, informing the public on the effects of extreme weather around the globe through the Tempest newsletter, with plans to integrate content into the app soon.

Buck Lyons, Founder and CEO of WeatherFlow says: “By merging the data expertise and global weather network of Weatherflow with Gardner’s recognized ability to identify compelling content that connects communities, we are equipped to talk about the weather in a new way. Tempest is the most advanced weather forecasting and data system in the world, packaged and presented to be approachable and relevant to consumers.”

Gardner, who led her previous media venture to an ASME award after just one short year, will advise WeatherFlow as they transition the media brand into their weather platform. “In the 21st century, the world’s number one source of universal conversation is undergoing radical shifts,” says Gardner. “Weather and climate are the most important conversations we can have right now, but require data and technological expertise to fully tell the story. I’m excited to pass off the Tempest brand to Weather Flow, who are perfectly positioned to deliver compelling and timely stories, whether you’re worried about severe weather in your region or just need to better plan your day. Tempest goes beyond just a content destination, fostering a community of weather geeks who contribute crowd-fueled social weather reporting to make it easier to navigate the new weather.”

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About WeatherFlow

WeatherFlow Inc. is a leader in private sector weather technology, with over two decades of experience developing and applying progressive data modeling and forecasting techniques. The company currently operates the most advanced industrial grade weather station network of any private entity in the world, with clients including NOAA, the US Navy and Coast Guard, and a number of highly regarded academic and corporate organizations.

With global weather concerns mounting, WeatherFlow has expanded its global focus to include services catering to consumers and gathering data from a massive number of sensing devices including at homes around the world, a logical addition to the company’s impressive suite of services.

About Ann Marie Gardner

Ann Marie Gardner is an award-winning journalist, editor and media entrepreneur. She founded Tempest in 2016 after having launched and edited multi-media brands including Modern Farmer, Monocle and T Travel, and The New York Times Style Magazine. Gardner is currently writing and consulting on climate change projects.

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