NOAA Panel

March 04, 2009. Washington, DC.  WeatherFlow’s Senior Meteorologist Jay Titlow recently took part in a multidisciplinary panel discussion on Capitol Hill.  Titled “Making a Difference: Why Coastal Observing Matters,” the panel brought together representatives from industry, academia, and local, state, and federal goverment agencies to discuss and review the impact of coastal observing for invited staff from the House of Representatives and Senate.

The panel was co-sponsored by NOAA’s Interagency Oceanographic Observing System (IOOS) Program and the National Federation of Regional Agencies (NFRA), with opening remarks by IOOS Director Zdenka Willis and NFRA Chair Molly McCammon, who serves as Director of the Alaska Ocean Observing System.  Remarks by both Directors and the panel emphasized the theme that observing the nation’s oceans and waterways directly impacts the “lives and livelihoods” of millions of citizens, in the United States and around the world.

For more information on IOOS, NFRA, or WeatherFlow’s work with them, contact Jay Titlow.

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