The All New Tempest App

Out with the Blue and in with the New
Meet the New & Improved Tempest App

Weather Anywhere

Tempest forecasts are not just for Tempest stations anymore! You can now get a Tempest forecast for any location. Simply search for a location within the app by clicking the dropdown next to your station name. Enter the location you’d like to monitor, then click save and use the map tool to precisely pinpoint the location you want, then click save again. 

Light / Dark Mode

All platforms of the Tempest application (iOS, Android, Web) now have new light and dark mode themes that feature the new brand colors for Tempest.  The apps can use your OS level settings or if you prefer you can set it explicitly in Tempest Settings.


Our iOS and Android apps now support home screen widgets.  Pick the size that works best for your home screen to get quick access to your Tempest data each time you unlock your phone.

Apple Watch App

iOS users that have an Apple watch can now get their Tempest station data on their watch.  In addition to seeing your Tempest station and saved locations on your watch, you can also add Tempest station and forecast data as complications to your favorite watch faces.

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