Tempest Integrations

Put Your Weather to Work

The Tempest Home Weather System enables users to integrate outside environmental information into smart home tech, third-party apps, and other services. Use your Tempest data to adjust your irrigation schedule based on the rain that’s fallen or the rain that’s forecast to fall. Turn on ceiling fans if the temperature is high, or configure freeze alerts to help protect your outdoor passion projects. With Tempest, you can turn your smart home into a genius!


The Tempest Weather System measures and reports the weather directly from your yard, making it the perfect companion for the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. Users can integrate their Tempest data to inform Rachio features like Rain Skip, Wind Skip, Freeze Skip, and more! See at least 20% more efficient watering with a sprinkler system that responds to your weather. Learn more about the Tempest integration with Rachio.


Unlock powerful automations by integrating your Tempest data with over 700 apps and devices via IFTTT (If This Then That). Link your Tempest account to IFTTT and use your weather data to trigger actions in hundreds of other apps & products, including Twitter, Dropbox, Nest, Fitbit, Honeywell, and more.


You can configure Siri Shortcuts by going to Settings -> Siri Shortcuts. Two shortcuts are provided: Current Conditions and Detailed Current Conditions. Both will display the same UI elements, however, they differ in the length of Siri’s spoken response. If you have more than one station, you can choose which station you would like to use while configuring the shortcut (and you can configure a shortcut for each station if you want). For more advanced users, the Current Conditions output is available in the Shortcuts app.

Weather Underground

Join a community of more than 250,000 weather enthusiasts sharing their personal weather station data on Weather Underground. Your Tempest data can be viewed in Weather Underground’s app by following the instructions here >>>

Flexible API

Integration with your smart home technology is simple but even more complex integrations are possible with our rich set of developer tools. The Tempest System exposes a collection of self-service APIs and documentation that make it easy for developers to build apps and integrations that access data on behalf of a Tempest station owner. For more information, please visit the Tempest Developer documentation.

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