WeatherFlow Accelerates Network Expansion in 2016

alligator2Bolton, MA – For years now, WeatherFlow has boasted a steadily growing network of high-quality, ideally-located weather stations. And sensor network expansion saw an uptick in 2016. Throughout the year, WeatherFlow technicians installed 26 new weather stations! These new weather stations, generally erected in hard-to-reach maritime locations, were added across nine states (MD, VA, NC, SC, FL, LA, CA, WA, and MI) and the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. As an example, a new weather station was installed at Alligator Reef Light (pictured left) off of Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

In addition to the standard suite of instruments, WeatherFlow has also fitted some of these stations with water level sensing instruments.  For more information about these water level sensing instruments and how these data are being used, see the article WeatherFlow Adds Observing Capability … Water Level Sensing.

In all, these new sites add to an already rich network of observational data that WeatherFlow collects and disseminates. For more information about WeatherFlow sensor data, Contact Us!

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