WeatherFlow Plays Lead Role in National Mesonet Project

(Maryland) NOAA’s National Mesonet Expansion Program (NMPX) hit the six month mark having met all project milestones on schedule and on budget. The project is being carried out by MesoUS, a consortium of mesonet operators and technology companies in partnership with GST Inc., which is serving as the prime contractor, project manager, and information technology lead. It is the latest component of the National Mesonet program and builds on the work of the National Mesonet Pilot Project (which was focused on the south-central U.S.) by expanding it nationally.

“The National Mesonet Program is a perfect example of a public-private partnership that has prioritized the delivery of critical weather data, with the goal of ensuring public safety, dramatically improving weather forecasting, and strengthening the country’s emergency response,” stated Buck Lyons, WeatherFlow CEO.

The project began in late May with a kickoff ceremony and meetings with National Weather Service (NWS) program managers at their headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. Already, the MesoUS project team has executed on a series of deliverables that has coordinated the provision of data, laid out the system designs for the handling of observational and metadata, and begun sending data to NWS’ designated portal at the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS).

About WeatherFlow

As the largest single network operator and the leading private sector participant in MesoUS, WeatherFlow’s management and technical teams have been playing a major role in the project. With 20+ years of experience in operating a professional mesonet and delivering the data to government, industry, and consumer customers, WeatherFlow’s expertise has been invaluable at every stage of the project. Highlights include critical design inputs, standards development, metadata optimization, database connectivity, and expanding the consortium to include new members and data providers.

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