WeatherFlow Poised to Record Tropical Storms

Storm Track for Tropical Storm Karen (Oct. 2013)

New Smyrna Beach, FL –
WeatherFlow’s DataScope StormTrack product provides detailed up-to-the-minute weather information on tropical systems. As a tropical storm approaches the Caribbean, Gulf Coast, or East Coast a unique StormTrack page will provide continued coverage of the strength and scope of the cyclone. This tool overlays wind and weather data with radar imagery and the modeled storm track itself, enabling emergency managers, media outlets, and the general public to be well-advised as the approaching storm threatens.

In 2012, WeatherFlow introduced two new tropical storm products:

  • StormTrack – Designed to provide up-to-the-minute information about tropical systems that are in progress.
  • StormPrint – Designed to perform post-storm processing and analysis to produce an accurate footprint of how the tropical system affected impacted areas, especially, but not limited to, the storm’s landfall.

For more information on WeatherFlow’s DataScope product, please click Data and Applications and select DataScope or click here.

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