WeatherFlow teams with MACOORA

WeatherFlow is now involved in the IOOS (Integrated Ocean Observing System) effort.

Senior Meteorologist Jay Titlow serves as Treasurer to the Board of the MACOORA Regional Association. The Mid-Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association (MACOORA) is one of eleven such Regional Associations around the country that make up the Integrated Coastal Ocean Observing System (ICOOS). MACOORA has a geographic span from Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras, covering five sub-regions (Massachusetts and Rhode Island Bays, Long Island Sound, New York Bight, Delaware Bay, and Chesapeake Bay) in nine states and the District of Columbia. MACOORA is a partnership or consortium of data providers and users from both private and public sectors that use, depend on, study and manage coastal environments and their resources in a region.

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