WeatherFlow-Tempest Announces Partnership with Sailing Robotics Venture MarkSetBot

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WeatherFlow-Tempest today announced a collaboration with MarkSetBot to integrate data from their fleet of robotic sailing buoys into the company’s popular SailFlow App, beloved by sailors around the world. MarkSetBot’s sustainable smart buoys, fixed with wind measurement instruments, will provide WeatherFlow-Tempest’s SailFlow App with even more real-time wind data to better inform users. The collaboration will deliver a new level of weather intelligence for WeatherFlow-Tempest customers and will facilitate the expansion of both companies.

“Many of our members are racers,” explained George Haye, SailFlow Product Manager. “MarkSetBot is revolutionizing the process of running a sailing race of any size or scope. We are delighted to partner with them to enhance the SailFlow app and the value of their service.”

WeatherFlow-Tempest helps individual, business, and government customers mitigate the enormous impact of weather through point-specific weather information, automated alerts, and intelligent forecasting. The partnership with MarkSetBot will further build out their fast-growing weather network and enhance the forecasts provided by the SailFlow App.

“We’re thrilled to connect with another startup, particularly one as respected as WeatherFlow-Tempest,” said Kevin Morin, MarkSetBot CEO. “I’ve been a long-time user of the SailFlow App for its real-time weather data and accurate forecasting, and I think this is another great example of how MarkSetBot can be a game-changer on the racecourse.”

About MarkSetBot

MarkSetBot pioneered the world’s first fully robotic sailing buoy, featuring self-propelling battery-powered motor and GPS technology to make placing and repositioning marks a breeze—no anchors or mark boats required.

The innovative company’s new technology reduces the fossil fuel-burning power boats needed to set a racecourse, eliminates seabed-destructive anchors, and drastically decreases the number of people involved with regatta management.

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