Consumer Interest in Weather Forecasting Heats Up as WeatherFlow-Tempest Extends Offering Max on StartEngine to Accommodate Waitlist

CEO and founder Buck Lyons

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After surpassing their initial funding goal in just four weeks, WeatherFlow-Tempest, Inc. announced the extension of their fundraising campaign on the equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine. The platform bypasses what is usually a private, exclusionary process to enable everyday people the opportunity to invest in fast-growing startups. Due to the community interest and rapid traction, WeatherFlow-Tempest increased their offering maximum and reopened their campaign as an investment opportunity.

“We have revenue traction and an agile, passionate team. We’ve created unique and defensible proprietary advantages with our better, more valuable weather data. And we also have the proven ability to create the apps and software – the decision support tools – to bring that data to life,” says CEO and founder Buck Lyons. “Our predictive data elevates the way consumers and businesses make key day-to-day decisions, including better managing water and energy use.

WeatherFlow-Tempest officially came to market with the first home weather monitoring system, Tempest Weather System, in 2020. Today, more than 35,000 units worldwide comprise the Tempest weather network, leveraging the company’s global forecasting technology and guaranteeing the most accurate local forecast for consumers. Combined with their suite of personal weather apps and powerful decision tools for business and government customers, WeatherFlow-Tempest has solid traction and a clear path toward greater success.

The weather data and decision support market exceeds $7 billion, and as climate change fuels demand for more and better weather data, Weatherflow-Tempest is leading innovation. The company’s cutting-edge technology and in-house expertise provides climate insights to modernize personalized forecasting and improve extreme weather management globally. This will help consumers make informed decisions on everything from saving water in their garden to saving energy in their home.

“There is more than a decade of development behind our Nearcast Technology and with the evolution of machine learning, we are continuing to improve an advanced set of weather forecasting products that better inform customers in real-time,” adds Lyons.

You can find more details about investing in WeatherFlow-Tempest now on StartEngine.

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