WeatherFlow-Tempest Launches Tempest Lightning Network

lightning striking over city at night
Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WeatherFlow-Tempest announces its launch of the Tempest Lightning Network (TLN), a global detection system that delivers life-saving lightning data and alerts, addressing one of the most prominent needs for individuals and organizations with outdoor exposure. TLN aims to mitigate risk to users by enhancing situational awareness around lightning threats, specifically threats that stem from cloud-to-ground strikes.

With over 45,000 sensors deployed in the United States, TLN is purposely built to provide high-value, rapid alerts and safety solutions to end-users with outdoor venues, transportation hubs, utilities, fire response, and countless other industries with outdoor operations vulnerable to lightning activity.

“Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for WeatherFlow-Tempest, one that accelerates our mission of helping people benefit from and act upon weather threats,” said Buck Lyons, President & CEO of WeatherFlow-Tempest. “The Tempest Lightning Network delivers enterprise-level lightning services to organizations and individuals at an affordable price.”

TLN’s cost-effective pricing model is geared towards app developers and other resellers that want to integrate lightning detection data within end-user solutions. Data are available via API for web or mobile app integration and can be viewed natively using the TempestOne app or Google Earth. Alerting and a historical lightning data archive API are also available, along with custom lightning verification reports.

Serving as the backbone to TLN, WeatherFlow-Tempest has strategically partnered with TOA Systems of Melbourne, Florida, a leading provider of lightning detection networks and data to organizations worldwide for over 25 years. TOA maintains and operates networks globally, providing high-quality real-time lightning detections and data that help clients enhance business safety and productivity.

“With sensors strategically located at sites around the globe, TOA brings to TLN the accuracy, coverage, very high up-time (99.999%), and flexible delivery methods necessary to add considerable value to the Tempest Lightning Network,” said Michael Eilts, Chief Strategy Officer at WeatherFlow-Tempest. “TOA’s industrial grade sensors, data processing capabilities, and redundancies allow us to exceed the critical requirements of our clients through quality, accuracy, and efficiency.”

For on-site safety applications, TLN offers the Tempest Lightning Safety System, which includes a TempestOne Weather Station, plus specialized tools that provide life-saving alerts and situational awareness display capabilities. The Tempest Lightning Safety System enhances local detection capability and includes access to the full Tempest Lightning Network.

Tempest Lightning Network is designed to be as feature-rich as it is economical. Details about precision TLN data, alerting, verification reports, and pricing are available at:

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