New AI-Powered Weather App Provides Forecast, Real Time Updates

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., February 5, 2020- Consumer weather service company WeatherFlow plans to release an artificial intelligence-powered weather system for at-home use this spring. The system’s smartphone app will provide a more accurate forecast than other weather apps, according to WeatherFlow CEO Buck Lyons.

“Getting better current information about the weather is important on multiple levels,” Lyons said. “A good example for northern California would be how a broader network of weather stations could affect fire. If a higher percentage of people had weather stations, then you get a real-time picture of what the wind is doing over a very broad area. That really gives you a good footprint of what’s happening. And then that can be a valuable tool in terms of fighting fires or even preventing fires because you might know where power lines might be down.” READ MORE >>>

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