WeatherFlow’s Relationship with DTRA Continues in 2014

BostonPlumePoquoson, VA – WeatherFlow continues to provide data to the Department of Defense via The Defense Threat Agency (DTRA) in 2014. The data feed was requested by DTRA after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Since 2001 WeatherFlow has delivered a continuous data stream. The data has proven itself to be of high-utility for hazardous plume tracking and plume dispersion modeling. WeatherFlow sites, primarily located in coastal urban areas, help to fill critical gaps that allow researchers to better understand mesoscale flow patterns in these strategic regions. As an example, a sub-network of 20 sites was installed for the City of Boston’s Regional Intelligence Center leading up to the 2004 Democratic National Convention. DTRA worked with the city of Boston and WeatherFlow to site, install, and maintain these sites in strategic support of the event. Many of these sites are still operational and continue to provide valuable data to DTRA.

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