CMA Shipping 2009

March 25, 2009. Stamford, CT.
The Connecticut Maritime Association’s annual meeting, Shipping 2009, is billed as “North America’s Premier International Shipping and Trade Conference and Exposition.”  Held every year in Stamford, Connecticut, this year’s meeting drew over 2000 attendees with its theme of “Back to Basics.”  With representation from major shipping companies, shore facilities, and associated support services, Shipping 2009 provided an excellent opportunity to continue the roll out of WeatherFlow’s DataScope online weather monitoring service.

WeatherFlow Director of Business Development Steve Woll conducted a seminar on DataScope, with representatives of the marine industry, other commercial weather providers, the National Weather Service, and industry media present.  The presentation covered a basic rundown of DataScope’s capabilities and a live online demonstration.  Attendees were provided with supporting materials and were issued trial accounts to take home and run for themselves.  According to Woll, the conference provided “not only a great opportunity to showcase DataScope in the seminar, but it gave us an opportunity to interact directly with the kind of users and partners we are looking for in the maritime industry.”

More information, visit the DataScope web page or contact Steve Woll.

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