Weatherflow now owns and operates the largest professional mesoscale observing network (mesonet) in the United States, including the nation’s only mesonet focused on the highly variable coastal zone. With over 400 stations reporting as frequently as every minute, this network provides an unparalleled ability to monitor and archive real-time wind and weather conditions along the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf, and Great Lakes. We refer to this network of high-quality, industrial-grade weather stations as our Professional Network, or the WeatherFlow ProNet.

This network has grown gradually over many years based on the needs of new and existing customers. In most cases, many existing customers benefit as we expand our network and new customers will often benefit from both our existing network and new stations installed expressly with their needs in mind. By supporting multiple users and uses with a single observing network, we are able to provide custom cost-effective solutions both in the form of data streams and applications and customers.

Case Study: 2019 Cape Cod Tornado

On July 23rd 2019, a severe thunderstorm produced very strong winds and a tornado that impacted much of Cape Cod. The unparalleled reliability of density of the WeatherFlow ProNet produced observations of these winds that would not otherwise have been available, including gusts over 90 mph. Forecasters had real-time access to this critical data for situational awareness, warning issuance and validation, and for post-event analysis and summary.

Case Study: Boston Police Department

When weather stations installed by another provider failed to operate as advertised, the Boston Police Department contracted with WeatherFlow to license the data they needed. The meteorological study performed at the beginning of the relationship indicated the value of our existing stations in the region while also showing a need for more information to manage the more variable conditions in the eastern/coastal portion of their region of interest. WeatherFlow deployed more observing assets in the area of need to cost-effectively satisfy their needs with a turnkey process.

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