WeatherFlow assists Navy by expanding Southern California coastal observing effort

With experience on several Navy projects, WeatherFlow was a natural choice when Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station needed assistance with maintaining and expanding it’s coastal surface observing system. WeatherFlow has started hosting several products that the Navy produces to support their operations along the southern California coast. Real-time gridded surface winds along with output from the Navy’s COAMPS model are now being hosted and made available to the public courtesy of a working partnership between the Navy and Weatherflow. The importance of observations to these and other Navy efforts lead the Navy to look to WeatherFlow again to help maintain and augment their system. The new combined-effort network will become a significant asset to the livelihood of the region, from providing information to those recreating on and in the region’s coastal waters, to augmenting the critical weather information backbone needed to aid in wildfire outbreaks.

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