With considerable scientific, academic, and operational experience, WeatherFlow team members have collaborated with academic, government, and industry researchers on topics covering a wide range of the atmospheric and oceanographic sciences.

Topics have included:

  • The use of artificial intelligence techniques in a learned behavior forecaster tool kit,
  • The optimal method for using atmospheric model data to feed plume dispersion models,
  • The application of improved climatological techniques to planning applications,
  • Analysis of metrics on the impact of forecast accuracy and delivery on operational decisions,
  • Improving the incorporation of weather data into radar propagation models,
  • The integration of multiple data sources to improve predictions of inundation during tropical and noreaster storms,
  • Analysis of historical winds for use in wind energy resource assessment and short term wind and energy forecasting,
  • Development of high resolution coastal forecasting techniques for offshore wind energy.

WeatherFlow’s personnel have actively collaborated on these and other projects, supported by funding that includes SBIR programs and a variety of government and other sources.

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