• Promptly determine where hurricane deductibles apply

Learn immediately after a storm if hurricane deductibles apply, a decision that has a multi-billion dollar impact (0ver $4 billion in additional carrier losses during Sandy).  Our ever-expanding network significantly increases the chances of capturing hurricane-force winds, allowing a more accurate and comprehensive deductible trigger.

  • Model projected losses quickly and accurately

Use StormPrint’s state-of-the-art high resolution geospatial analysis for input into your CAT tools so you can promptly project losses.  Get analysis results within 24 hours of a storm’s passage, customized for ingest into your toolset.

  • Confidently determine the accuracy of claims

Your team can settle claims knowing you have the best information on which to base decisions.  We stand behind the StormPrint analysis in any dispute.

  • Real-time monitoring

Monitor active storms events in real-time with StormTrack – a graphical user interface supplied with StormPrint.  This map-based tool allows you to monitor the most complete set of real-time observations, satellite, radar, forecast tracks, warnings, forecast models, and other storm specific datasets on the market.

  • Customized wind speed alerts and reports

Set observed wind speed alerts at prescribed thresholds to reduce sifting through data in real-time and avoid being caught unawares.  Obtain customized summary reports of wind speed and gust maximums so you can see important highlights at a glance

  • Deploy claim settlement resources efficiently

With StormPrint and StormTrack you can plan and fine tune where adjusters and supporting resources personnel should be deployed, with data and displays fully available to personnel in the field.

  • Settle parametric capital market transactions

WeatherFlow data is utilized within WindX and Paradex driven capital market transactions.   For more information on these products contact info@windx.com.

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