In 2010, WeatherFlow began executing a major upgrade to its data collection, processing, and storage capabilities. The upgraded system has been dubbed the “Weather Engine” and was designed specifically to simplify and accelerate the retrieval and integration of all of the data resident within WeatherFlow’s system. This data includes observations from WeatherFlow’s network of weather stations, output from our WF-WRF weather model, and forecasts from our forecasting team, as well as all of the data we collect from our partners and public sources (current tallies include over 50,000 weather stations worldwide and more than a dozen global and regional weather models).    By design, the Weather Engine will never be complete as it continually evolves to ingest and distribute data to drive any front-end application.

On top of the Weather Engine, WeatherFlow’s api has enabled the rapid development of pre-designed modules and functions.    WindAlert’s Web, iPhone, and Android applications were the first to be driven entirely by the Weather Engine.    The professional DataScope data viewer as well as WeatherFlow’s “classic” consumer brands will all be upgraded to take advantage of the expanding data libraries and features now made available via the Weather Engine.

Third party developers are encouraged to contact us to set up access to the Weather Engine, which we provide via a custom-designed and easily implemented developer’s API.

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