One of the most frustrating aspects of modern meteorology is the frequent inability to show data from different sources and networks on a single display. WeatherFlow is an industry leader at integrating multiple data sources and providing them in a display that is tailored to the user.

In addition to our own data, we also display data from a variety of other authoritative sources, including official National Weather Service sites and the National Ocean Service’s PORTS sites, as well as selected observations from NOAA’s Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS), which makes thousands of high quality, worldwide observations accessible to our systems.

In 2010, WeatherFlow became a founding member of the MesoUS Consortium – a group of private, state, and university mesonets operating across the United States. Working under the NWS’ National Mesonet program, WeatherFlow and its MesoUS partners have been working aggressively to create common standards and protocols in order to increase and improve the consolidation of mesonet data and create a single access point for all users – government and non-government alike.

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