Take and Share Wind Reports Anywhere

Tempest WINDmeter
MSRP US $59.95

WeatherFlow WINDmeters are pocket-sized anemometers that capture highly accurate wind measurements. You can record data in a variety of compatible apps including the free Wind & Weather Meter app and share reports instantly via email, SMS, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

WINDmeter connects wirelessly to your smartphone up to 100 feet away. From sailors to farmers, now anyone can capture and share accurate wind data with the WINDmeter.

Wind & Weather Meter App

Compatible Devices

WINDmeter uses Bluetooth Smart technology (also known as Bluetooth LE) to connect to all Apple iPhones 4S or newer & iPads Generation 3 or newer operating on iOS 6.0 or newer. They also work with Bluetooth Smart Ready Android phones & tablets with operating system 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or newer.

Additional Specifications

wind speed2-125mph± 0.5%calibrated by University of Florida Aerospace Engineering
wind direction0-360°depends on phone/device

Works With Apps

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3rd party app integration
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