Starting with just a handful of stations in 1987, Weatherflow now owns and operates the largest professional mesoscale observing network (mesonet) in the United States, including the nation’s only mesonet focused on the highly variable coastal zone. With over 400 stations reporting in as frequently as every minute, this network provides an unparalleled ability to monitor and archive real time wind and weather conditions along the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf and Great Lakes.

Our focus is on delivering a cost-effective solution to a broad array of users. Our engineers apply decades of experience in design, installation, and maintenance in the harsh marine environment to come up with the best possible combination of quality, reliability, and price. By selectively picking equipment from the industry’s most respected manufacturers, we are able to minimize both up front and life cycle costs and can pass those savings on to our customers.

Moreover, by supporting multiple users and uses with a single observing network, we are able to share costs between applications and customers – giving users a capability and capacity that would cost much more if a customer were to install their own network.

Below is a map of the currently active WeatherFlow Mesonet.   For more details about station locations or to demo WeatherFlow’s Professional or Consumer data viewers, Contact Us.

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