Mesonets have proven their value in countless applications and locations. Many of the weather events that are the most dangerous and have the most impact on lives, property, and operations are too small in scale to be adequately captured by the government’s official observing network. Mesonet sponsors realize this and understand the positive impact that higher resolution data can have on their citizens, communities, and businesses. Mesonets have demonstrated their value repeatedly as they have helped improve the safety of citizens, increased crop yields, led to a better understanding of hazardous weather events, and more.

WeatherFlow HWIND Reconstruction Hurricane Ike
HWIND reconstruction of Hurricane Ike with and without WeatherFlow Hurricane Network data

And yet the installation and operation of a high quality mesonet can appear deceptively simple at first glance – just install some stations and collect the data. Unfortunately, most new mesonet operators discover that it is a much more difficult, time consuming, and expensive operation than they anticipated. There are many challenges involved: identifying locations, coordinating use and permissions, obtaining permits, designing stations that will survive the environment, selecting instruments and equipment, logging and reporting the data, providing adequate power (AC, solar, battery, etc.), choosing communications (land line, cell modem, wifi, telemetry, satellite, etc.), installing the station, maintaining the station, collecting and displaying the data, and a myriad of other details large and small.

WeatherFlow’s 20+ years of experience repeating these tasks thousands of times has allowed us to streamline and perfect this process, understand the pitfalls, and build successful relationships with people and organizations that can help get the job done.  This corporate knowledge and experience, combined with our highly trained and extremely capable personnel, help position WeatherFlow to deliver and operate high quality weather stations and mesonets more efficiently and effectively than anyone in the industry.

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