Our stations and mesonets boast an enviable reputation for ruggedness and reliability, due in large part to our seasoned team of highly skilled field engineers. With decades worth of experience at installing and operating our stations and mesonets, they have learned to apply the practical lessons learned that come with every installation.

This highly trained team of engineers carries out the installation and ongoing maintenance for 100% of our stations, ensuring that the proper equipment and procedures are used at every step of the way. Their level of skill and attention to detail is reflected in the high rate of operation and survival of even our non-hurricane-hardened stations during severe weather. In repeated instances varying from hurricanes to nor’easters to winter storms, our stations have stayed on line and continued transmitting while nearby official observing sites have gone offline.

WeatherFlow’s engineering and design team selects our station equipment with a major emphasis on reliability.  With hundreds of stations in operation for up to twenty years, they know what equipment can stand up to the harsh marine environment and use only components that have proven themselves over years of use.

Our field engineers and tech reps conduct periodic preventive maintenance, while station data is monitored closely for multiple indicators of hardware or communications problems, triggering emergent repair work as required.

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