Mike Godsey

Mike Godsey has been forecasting for WeatherFlow since its inception. Due to his years of experience and his vast knowledge of the Bay Area, he has become known as the expert on San Francisco Bay wind forecasting. Mike’s expertise has led to him providing forecasts for numerous events and companies, including several Google events and projects, the Rolex Cup, Cal Cup, Americas Cup, and many windsurfing and kiteboarding events. Mike even authored the book The Bay Area Windsurfing Guide. He has been a weather columnist in several magazines and is a regular publisher for WeatherFlow’s Forecaster Blog.

Much of the year, when not forecasting, Mike can be spotted windsurfing, hiking or doing photography/videography in the Columbia River Gorge. Yet, he spends his winters near La Ventana in Baja California Sur where he both does forecasts and windsurfs.

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