Michael Leiba

Michael Leiba joined the WeatherFlow team in the spring of 2019 as an operational meteorologist for the Florida coast. Years prior, in 1986, Mike had received a BS in Meteorology from Florida State University. He had worked as a meteorologist analyst at FSU’s Mesoscale Air-Sea Interaction Group (MASIG) where he digitized maps of the tropical Pacific Ocean. The work at MASIG helped contribute to a more accurate prediction of El Nino/La Nina. Mike later accepted a position for the state of Florida’s Bureau of Radiation Control as an environmental specialist, but he pined for the days of being actively involved in applied meteorology. So, in 2002, Mike started working at a local West Palm Beach TV station providing a forecasts for the on-air meteorologists. He also wrote weather articles and provided on-air radio weather forecasts and more. Mike is very excited to bring his years of weather expertise to wind forecasting for the Florida coast.

When he is not working, Mike spends his time with his wife Melanie and teenage daughter Macey and enjoys leisure time in their Wellington, FL community.

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