Tom Allen

Tom Allen joined the WeatherFlow-Tempest team in the fall of 2010 while also working as a professor of geography at East Carolina University. Tom earlier had studied at Old Dominion University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he received a B.S. and Ph.D. in Geography, respectively.

In 2018, Tom relocated to his alma mater, Old Dominion University, where he continues to focus on understanding and planning for the impacts of climate change in coastal ecosystems and landforms. As a result, he has extensively studied hurricanes, sea level rise, mangroves, salt marches, barrier island dynamics, rip currents, and geovisualization decision support systems for emergency managers, meteorologists, urban planners, and resource managers.

Tom is also an avid windsurfer, surfer, and sea kayaker. So, when not teaching, conducting research, or forecasting, he can often be spotted windsurfing at Mill Creek at Fort Monroe, VA. Yet, he also enjoys the serenity of the off-the-beaten-path places like Harkers Island, NC.

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