Victor Proton

Victor Proton joined the Weatherflow-Tempest team in April of 2023. He grew up in northern Michigan and spent many hours fishing on the Lakes Superior and Huron. Victor first was interested in meteorology at an early age when he did an elementary school project by recording readings from the school’s weather station in the 1980s before the world of the internet. He became very aware of the importance of a good wind forecast when he was knocked off a fishing boat into Lake Superior with just above freezing water temperatures. Even with that he kept his passion for weather as he entered Central Michigan University meteorology program graduating in December of 1994 with B.S. in Meteorology. He expanded his education with a Juris Doctorate degree from Purdue University in December of 2019.

His professional career started while in college with the National Weather Service (NWS) as a meteorological technician in June of 1992 at Houghton Lake, Michigan. Upon graduation he continued in federal service as a meteorological technician with the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense, and Department of Commerce through March of 1998 when he became a full-time meteorologist with the NWS forecast office at Williston, North Dakota. Victor worked his way up through the NWS from a meteorological technician to meteorologist, senior meteorologist, senior Pacific Hurricane forecaster, International Space Station ascent and entry wind forecaster for mission control at Houston, aviation techniques and development meteorologist for Alaska, and Science of Operations Officer to finish his 30-year federal meteorology career in August of 2022. He worked in Alaska, Montana, Hawaii, North Dakota, Texas, Georgia, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, and Michigan throughout his career.

Victor is a follower of the Cubs growing up watching the games on WGN and the Expos on CBC. Victor is enthusiastic fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs and still waiting to see a Stanley Cup parade for when the Cup returns home to Toronto. He also is passionate about animals and has a Saint Bernard and several cats that live with him and his wife.

He looks forward to working with the WeatherFlow-Tempest team as it grows to serve the customers that value the need for quality weather forecasting for their operations, recreation, and safety.

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