Shea Gibson

Shea Gibson joined WeatherFlow in March 2013 to help lead the expansion of WeatherFlow’s operational forecasting division to include the Southeastern United States. Shea is an avid student of all things meteorology, with expertise in general wind science, sea breeze structure, tropical cyclones and severe weather. He is also interested in global weather patterns and teleconnections. Aside from forecasting, he also actively assists with WeatherFlow’s Coastal Mesonet expansion project, regularly interacting with both public and private community members.

Shea is well-known for his outreach efforts, communicating via various social media outlets and regularly participating in both local and regional events. He frequently writes articles for WeatherFlow’s Forecaster Blog and he even hosts discussions on wind meteorology through the various channels of communication he has established in the wind sports communities. In 2016, Shea joined the Carolina Weather group as a panelist and continues to actively participate in the weekly program that hosts industry professionals from meteorology and other related science fields. You can follow Shea on social media by following him on Facebook or on Twitter.

Shea is an avid kiteboarder. So, when he’s not working he can often be spotted riding at one of his local Charleston, SC area beaches.

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