April Vogt

April has been a WeatherFlow team member since July of 2021. She was born in Portland, OR and raised in neighboring Hillsboro, OR. Being raised in a place where the outdoors has so much to offer, she grew to embrace the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and became involved in many water activities including windsurfing and kiting from a young age. She has fond memories of going out to Doug’s Beach as a child and learning how to windsurf and kite (with many epic fails). She continues to enjoy these wind sports along with surfing, kayaking, and hiking.

As a child, she also she grew passionate about meteorology after experiencing a tornado while visiting family in Texas in 1998. This led her to pursue a degree in Atmospheric Science. She began her studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, studying meteorology. She later transferred to Oregon State University where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Climate Science with a focus in Atmospheric Science in December 2020.

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